CNY Promo Page_R1-10Happy Lunar New Year 2023!

Olive Tree Hotel invites you to usher in the New Lunar Year with your dearest ones in happiness and abundance!

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Lunar New Year 8-Course Set Menu

Celebrate the blessings of new beginnings with your loved ones as you reconnected with them over an auspicious 8-course set menus. Available from 9 Jan - 5 Feb 2023, savour some thoughtfully curated dishes especially prepared by our Chefs for this Chinese New Year. The all-important family reunion is set to be a bountiful feast with these culinary creations.

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Olive Tree Salmon Yee Sang

Toss to an auspicious start to the year with our signature Olive Tree Salmon Yee Sang, featuring colourful ingredients of vegetables and fruits.

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Festive Buffet Dinner

28 Jan 2023 is the 7th day of Chinese New Year and it’s also everyone’s birthday! Celebrate this joyful “Ren Ri” with a hearty feast! A fun workshop on Calligraphy and Rabbit/Fortune Cat Paintings are also in store! On a first come, first serve basis. Only limited slots available.

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